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Donald TrumpPhotos (from left to right): TV Star America Ferrera one of millions in US Cities and Foreigh Capitals Protesting in Women's March The Transition of Administrations has occured; President Trump delivers his first speech as 45th President  ♦ No surprise here as Ajit Pai gets Trump nod to become FCC Chairman ♦ TV and Motion Picture Actor Miguel Ferrer dies at 61,was featured on NCIS: Los Angelkes & Jordon's Crossing ♦ Jane Pauley to Emcee Opening Session of NAB Sow in Vegas April 24th

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  • 01/19/17 - GA Governor Sonny Perdue Picked for Dept. of Agriculture on Trump Cabinet
  • 01/19/17 - Kawasaki Ends Show Backing Due To Trump Involvement 
  • 01/19/17 - QualComm in San Diego Charged with Antitrust Suit by FTC
  • 01/19/17 - Steve Mnuchin Accused Of Tax Tricks With ‘Avatar’ Profits in Confirmation Hearings
  • 01/18/17 - Senate grills Education pick Betsy DeVos on experience, family donations 
  • 01/18/17 - Trump Won't Move News Briefings After Press Outcry 
  • 01/18/17 - Massachusetts Lawmakers revive plan to raise their pay

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  HR Question: Should You Post the Salary or Salary Range in a Classified?


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The following articles are provided by a diverse pool of Broadcast Attornies representing many of the major law firms in Washington. TDGA is pleased to be a conduit between Broadcasters and these talented legal counselors. From left) Judith Keyes, Jeffrey Bosley; David Silverman; Mitchell Stabbe;John Garziglia; Gregg Skall;  K.C. Halm, Adam Shoemaker, Megan Vogel, Abigail Everdell, Jim Rosenfeld, David Oxenford, Lauren Lynch, Scott Lynch, Jessica Nyman and Joseph Cohen.

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  • 01/20/17 - Justin Timberlake Focuses of Flavor for Bai
  • 01/20/17 - David & Goliath Taps Melissa McCarthy for Kia's Super Bowl Push
  • 01/20/17 - Venables Bell, Mediahub appointed by Chipolte 
  • 01/20/17 - Facebook Reigns Supreme Among Teens
  • 01/19/17 - Innocean Worldwide, Hyundai to film Super Bowl Spot During Game
  • 01/19/17 - Bud Light To Spotlight Friends, Not Celebs, In Super Bowl
  • 01/19/17 - 7-Eleven Hands Creative to Deutsch LA
  • 01/19/17 - Neil Patrick Harris Does The Impossible in Heineken Light's New Campaign
  • 01/19/17 - Programmatic Native Ads Pushing Forward, But Barriers Still Remain 
  • 01/19/17 - How To Succeed in the Busiest Month for Job Searches 

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Monday, January 23 2017

  • IRS: Deposit Payroll Tax for payments on Jan. 14-17 if the semiweekly deposit rule applies


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