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Radio-TV Industry Headlines (Members Can Click Here For Mini-Summaries and/or links to Source Articles)

Photos (from left): Queen Latifah; Show Ends in March of 2015; Ferguson Policeman Darren Wilson; Arnie Kleiner Retiring at KABC-TV; RAB Reports 2% Slide in Broadcast Revenues; Mike Nichols, Dead at 83; NJ's Frank Pallone New Ranking Minority on E&C Committee; Bill Cosby Comedy Series Plans Dropped by NBC; SNL's Cecily Strong: Motown's Jimmy Ruffin; Pandora's Mike Herring; President Obama Gives Thurs. Night Cable Networks Ratings A Boost w/Immigration Annct.; PBS' Masterpiece Expands Sunday Nights;        

  • 11/21/14 - FCC Issues Rulemaking For Detailing Broadcast Contests On The Internet
  • 11/21/14 - Queen Latifah Show Cancelled; Ends in Mrch
  • 11/21/14 - Radio Broadcast Revenues Drop 2%; Digital & Off-Air Revs are boith Up!
  • 11/21/14 - CNN: Ferguson MO Policeman Darren Wilson In Negotiation Talks To Resign
  • 11/21/14 - Date Change for Golden Mike Award for NAB to Avoid NASBA Date Conflicts
  • 11/21/14 - WNBC-TV Drops "Biggest Loser" To Carry Immigration Winning Address by President
  • 11/21/14 - Arnie Kleiner Retiring at KABC-TV After 45 Years in TV Admministration
  • 11/21/14 - CBS & DISH Agree to Temporary Extension As Retrans Talks Continue
  • 11/20/14 - Director Mike Nichols, (The Graduate, Virginia Wolf)  Dead at 83
  • 11/20/14 - House Passes Compromise STELAR Bill; Senate & House Will Try to Merge Two Bills Into One
  • 11/20/14 - Cong. Pallone (D-NJ) Gets Ranking Member Status on House Energy & Commerce Committee
  • 11/19/14 - NBC Drops Plans For Bill Cosby Comedy Show
  • 11/19/14 - ‘SNL’ Cast Member Cecily Strong Tp Host 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner
  • 11/19/14 - Motown's Jimmy Ruffin Dies At 78; Biggest Hit? "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?"
  • 11/19/14 - WEWS Get Cleveland Browns Carriage For 2015 Season
  • 11/19/14 - Station in Gilroy CA (Garlic Capital of World) Gets Hit With 18K FCC NAL (Fine)
  • 11/19/14 - Pandora Says Its Proposed 25% of 2016 Streaming Revenues Are Fair To Copyright Holders
  • 11/19/14 - ABC, CBS, & NBC Will Not Carry Thursday Night Presidential Immigration Annct.
  • 11/19/14 - Look Out Commercial TV- PBS is Expanding Sunday Night's Masterpiece
  • 11/19/14 - Industry Groups Urge Congress To Renew Tax Breaks

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Business Brief Headlines Impacting Radio-TV -

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  • 11/21/14 - NexStar Announces They're Buying KLAS-TV in Las Vegas
  • 11/20/14 - Apple To Offer Its Beats Music Service On its iPhones Under iPhione Brand
  • 11/20/14 - Good Day On Wall Street For Cumulus May Translate to Added Stock Buys by Crestview
  • 11/20/14 - Liberty's John Malone Says He'd Pursue TWC Again if Caomcast Deal Falls Apart
  • 11/19/14 - L.A. Radio Market Up 3% in local and 5.7% in national spot for Oct.
  • 11/19/14 - Joey Cohn Retains GM Position at KPLU
  • 11/18/14 -Sinclair Names John DeSimone Gen.Manager In The Madison, WI Market
  • 11/18/14 - Dave Santrella Adds Network Duties at Salem
  • 11/17/14 - IRS Allows Cafeteria Plan Election Changes To Coordinate with ACA Exchanges
  • 11/17/14 - Comcast/TWC approval could have baggage to Keep Internet "Open" 

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The Election is Over, But the Complaints Keep Coming – Should Michael Bloomberg Have Been Identified as the True Sponsor of an Ad Run by his PAC?

November 28, 2014: Effective Date of TV JSA Filing Requirement; (Note that ALL TV JSAs must be placed in the online public inspection files of both stations involved in the JSA.]


December 1, 2014: Annual DTV Ancillary/Supplementary Services Report Due for Commercial and Noncommercial Digital Television Stations


December 1, 2014: Lic. Renewal Post-Filing Annct. (5th of required six) - Comm. & Non-Comm. Full-Power and Class A TV Stations in AK, HI, OR,WA, American Samoa, Guam, the Mariana Islands, and Saipan


December 1, 2014: Airing of License Renewal Pre-Filing Announcements (first of the required four pre-filing announcements) - Commercial and Noncommercial Full-Power and Class A Television Stations in New Jersey and New York


December 1, 2014: License Renewal Applications (FCC Form 303-S) and EEO Program Reports (FCC Form 396) must be filed with FCC and Placed in Public Information File - Commercial and Noncommercial Full-Power and Class A Television Stations, TV Translators, and LPTV Stations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

December 1, 2014: Annual EEO Public File Reports must be placed in stations’ public inspection files - Commercial and Noncommercial Full-Power and Class A Television Stations and AM and FM Radio Stations in Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont

December 1, 2014: Biennial Ownership Reports (FCC Form 323-E) must be filed with FCC and placed in stations’ public inspection files. Noncommercial Television Stations in Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont; Noncommercial AM and FM Radio Stations in Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota

December 1, 2014: Pre-Filing and Post-Filing License Renewal Announcement Reminder for TV Stations in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont


December 6, 2014: Political Window Closes in Louisiana; Special Runoff Election Between Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy


December 13, 2014: CALM Act Takes Effect Today; Are You In Compliance?



January 1, 2015: California's "Online Eraser" Law For Minors Takes Effect Jan. 1st



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  • 11/21/14 - Intel Calls On Big Bang Theory Star To Build Its Brand
  • 11/21/14 - SpongeBob, Sweepstakes Are In Macy's Black Friday Plans
  • 11/21/14 - Google Tests Ad-Free Subscriptions to Websites
  • 11/21/14 - Volkswagen To Halt Run of Super Bowl Ads in 2015 
  • 11/21/14 - TV's Targeted-Ad Future Begins To Take Shape
  • 11/20/14 - Rubicon: Programmatic Ads Are Coming To i iAd
  • 11/20/14 - Nikon Campaign Targets "Generation Image" 
  • 11/20/14 - GroupM, Conde Nast Strike Agreement on 100% Viewability 
  • 11/20/14 - GSP Campaign For New York Post Knows "It Made You Look"

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