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Photos (from left to right): Senate adjourns for Holidays, leaving Jessica Rosenworcel's FCC seat In jeopardy; Tom Wheeler says he's resign Chair to get Rosenworcel reconfirmed;  Secretary of State-In-Waiting is Rex Tillerson says the Hill.com;  "Troubles" describes CWA & PTC reactions to nomination of Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary trio of photos shows Puzder, Chris Shelton of CWA and Tim Winter of PTC; Southern California Broadcaster Art Astor dies at 91;   Astronaut and Ohio Senator John Glenn, Dies at 95;   Second Photo shows Glenn in front of his Mercury spacecraft Frriendship 7;  ABC's President of Sales Geri Wang announces her retirement for March '17;   Gayle King Stays With CBS This Morming for $16.5M 3-Year Contract;    Colorado Broadcasters Pres./CEO Justin Sasso unveils CBA's Marketing on Millinnials Strengths; ABA Pres. Art Brooks & ASU Students Work To Blanket AZ Radio and TV with Drug Dcumentary on January 10th;   Greg Walden (R-OR) and John Yarmuth (D-KY) Introduce Bill To End Newspaper=Broadcast Ownership Ban; ♦  FCC Transition Team Calls the Obvious- Ajit Pai or Michael O'Reilly to become Interim FCC Chair;            

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Trump hands EPA to fossil-fuel advocate











  • 12/09/16 -  RNC Fundraising Gimmick Joins President-Elect in Media Bashing
  • 12/08/16 - SBA Head Nominated by Trump: She's WWE Co-Founder Linda McMahon
  • 12/08/16 - Labor Secretary Designee Andy Pruzder is Anit-Labor & Anti-Minimum Wage
  • 12/08/16 - Trump Hands EPA to Fossil Fuel Advocate; An Insult To Environmentalists
  • 12/07/16 - Iowa Governor To Be Ambassador To China 
  • 12/07/16 -  Megyn Kelly Blasts Trump Staffer For Social Media Attacks
  • 12/05/16 - Secretary Of State Search Widens
  • 12/05/16 - Michigan Judge Orders Recount To Start Immediately
  • 12/05/16 - Trump turns to Ben Carson to lead HUD
  • 12/03/16 - Howard Dean Drops Out of DNC Chair Race
  • 12/03/16 - Bernie Sanders Commentary: Carrier Just Showed Corporations How To Beat Trump
  • 12/02/16 - Lawsuits Aim To Block Michigan, Wisconsin Recounts 
  • 12/02/16 - Trump picks Gen. James Mattis for Defense Secretary 

Broadcast Business Briefs

DOL Files Notice of Appeal on OVERTIME Temporary Injunction


  HR Question: Should You Post the Salary or Salary Range in a Classified?


  • 12/09/16 - Nielsen Eyes Gracenote To Beef Up Content Recognition
  • 12/09/16 - 5 Dem Senators Want Minority Broadcasters To Get a Share of Govt. Ad Spending
  • 12/08/16 - Tessera’s DTS Takes ‘AIM’ At App Developer
  • 12/08/16 - Sears Likely to Close More Stores as Sales Slide — $10B Net Losses in Past 6 Years
  • 12/08/16 - Earlier Due Dates For Forms W-2 & W3 to Social Security Admin
  • 12/08/16 - Employers & Health Providers Gain Time in '17 to Provide Forms to Covered Individuals
  • 12/08/16 - AerServ, Mediaocean Partner On Proprietary Tech To Access Mobile Audiences
  • 12/07/16 - Sinclair To Launch Internet-Based Diginet TBD
  • 12/06/16 - Altice Pulls Plug on Freewheel Wi-Fi Calling Service
  • 12/05/16 - No Cost of Living Increase in Webcasting Royalties for 2017
  • 12/01/16 - Marci Ryvicker:  "Trump Factor" Causing Broadcast Stocks to Rise 

IRS Announces 2017 Pension Plan Limitations; 401(k) Contribution Limit Remains Unchanged at $18,000 for 2017


TDGA Broadcast Legal Advisories

David Oxenford





The following articles are provided by a diverse pool of Broadcast Attornies representing many of the major law firms in Washington. TDGA is pleased to be a conduit between Broadcasters and these talented legal counselors. From left) K.C. Halm, Adam Shoemaker, Megan Vogel, Abigail Everdell, Jim Rosenfeld, David Oxenford, Lauren Lynch, Scott Lynch, Jessica Nyman and Joseph Cohen.


  • New Version of Form I-9 – Employers Must Use On or Before Jan. 22, 2017


Sales & Continuity Department Items From The Corner of Advertiser & Agency

Providing Traffic, Continuity and Sales with an inside look at developments from the Agency shops; or via Advertisers. It's a quick read of what's happening and who's involved in the latest advertising news.

  • 12/08/16 - Pantene, Grey New York Say Strong is Beautiful
  • 12/08/16 - Dale Carnegie To Launch 2017 Rebranding Campaign
  • 12/08/16 - Amazon Releases 2 Tools For Pubishers 
  • 12/08/16 - Rubicon Tests Ad-Blocking Feature
  • 12/07/16 - Deutsch New York To Run Super Bowl Ad for AB's InBev Busch
  • 12/07/16 -TBWA\Media Arts Lab Shows iPhone 7's Movie-Quality Camera 
  • 12/07/16 - Crown Royal, Anomaly Focus on Generosity 
  • 12/07/16 - Understanding the History of Storytelling In The Ad Industry
  • 12/07/16 - Justice Dept. Investigates Bidding Practices at Agencies

Important Traffic, Bookkeeping, Filing & Meeting Dates



 Monday, December 12, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

  • IRS:  Deposit Payroll Tax for payments on December 79 if the semiweekly rule applies.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

  •  IRS: Corporations: Deposit the Fourth Instalment if your 016 Estimated Tax
  •  IRS: Deposit Payroll Tax for November if the monthly deposit rule applies.
  • Streaming Stations – SoundExchange Report  due today for month of October, 2016 - Report should include Report containing information about songs streamed; and  Monthly royalty fee to SoundExchange. This includes radio stations that simulcast their programming on the Internet.
  • Missouri Broadcaster’s Association - Jim Doyle Tele-Seminar/Eric Chester “On Fire at Work” - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm   Tele-seminar, 11 AM Central with Eric Chester, Hall of Fame speaker and author of On Fire At Work.

Friday, December 16, 2016

  • IRS:  Deposit Payroll Tax for payments on December 10 – 13 if the semiweekly rule applies.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

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